Update: 1600$ has been raised for the artisan fund by selling masks sewn by founder Saloni Shrestha. Big thank you to all the donors. Details of the funds distribution will be shared in the coming weeks.

 We are preparing the opening of our atelier in India by mid July. The team is safe in their homes.

There are many beautifully handmade designs still available. If you would like to purchase any of the designs on the website, they can be shipped. 10% of these sales will be donated to the artisan fund. Big thanks to USPS team who makes this possible for us. Hope you will let us continue to serve you. 

Wish you and your loved ones safe and healthy weeks ahead. 

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"Who wouldn’t want to wear a dreamy dress by a brand that is driven to support social responsibility and artisans?  It’s a win-win to feel wonderful on the inside and look wonderful on the outside"

Vi P.

“The style of AGAATI is so unique, which is so my personal taste, and at the same time so business-like (but not too much!) so I can wear my favorites every day and feel great, like I’m wrapped in a piece of art. And you can bet I get so many compliments! 

Many of the dresses in my wardrobe are like my treasures. Many of them have beautiful memories, and that is definitely true for each of my AGAATI pieces.”

Manuela M.

“I have 3 beautiful designs from AGAATI. The first is a winter coat; every time I wear it, I get a lot of compliments. The other one, a t-shirt, I got as a present from a friend and it is simply beautiful. The last one is a black jumpsuit from their last collection. Those pieces of clothing are simply amazing. Thanks, AGAATI, for making me feel chic, modern and confident.”

Cielo M. N.

“Very well-thought designs. Makes it even better that they have a positive impact in mind. Keep up the good work and I will always look forward to your new designs.”

Rotsna P.
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We create one-of-a-kind, eco-conscious designs with aspirations to connect communities and artisans, empower women and inspire a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable is our state of being.

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