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The Global Eco Artisan Awards 2021, organized by AGAATI is a global competition to recognize, celebrate and promote the best in eco-artisanal handcrafted textiles and luxe accessories from visionary makers from all over the world. We aspire to uncover emerging talent to be our partners in leading the 'Fashion for Change' movement.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take lives and upend livelihoods, exacerbate inequalities and create uncertainty for all of us, we remain committed in our mission to empower artisans by discovering talent and in bridging the gap between our makers and the global market.


The artisans of the world

Submissions for the Artisan Awards is closed.

If you have a 2 day extension approved to apply due to Covid or health situation please email us the application at empoweringartisans@agaati.com

Thank you to everyone who has joined this celebration and participated with your beautiful pieces of work.

If you would like to apply for next year subscribe to the newsletter or email us with any questions you have.