Cocktail Dress Conversation Goes Bold

Cocktail Dress Conversation Goes Bold

After a year of endless shades of grays, the near future of cocktail dresses for weddings and special occasions looks bright, feels fresh, and emits positivity.

You’ve had a save-the-date for your college roomie’s wedding propped on your fridge for the last year, and the nuptials have been perpetually postponed. Suddenly, you find out the event is finally “on” … and though you’ve already said “I DO,” to the invite, after a year of wearing nothing but sweats and tees, your next thought is “I DON’T” know what to wear!

Panic waves come over you because you barely know your size, let alone what is appropriate to wear in a semi-post-pandemic world. But elation replaces trepidation as you begin googling what cocktail dresses to wear to a wedding in 2021.

The first 20 results are all about all the variety of cocktail dresses from different brands. A fusion of formal and casual, elegant, and comfortable, you’re usually safe in a cocktail dress - but safe no longer has to mean being sorry for stepping out-of-the-boring old neutral box this season, as atypical accents and twisty tones are making the cocktail-convo as remarkable as life itself.

Your energy mounts as you scroll through Pinterest and realize this year’s special occasion styles are nothing like the dresses-of-old. After a year spent shacked up in shades of gray, the color story is vibrant, the silhouettes are imaginative, and the styles are sensational. “Wow,” you think, “these designers sure have been busy!” 

Featured above: Discover elegant meets eclectic when you pair the upcycled silver choker made by Italian artisan Silvia LanFranco with AGAATI’s Long Blue Silk Cocktail Dress. Perfect beautifully handcrafted indigo linen scarf  that can be styled over the AGAATI Blue Ruffled Organza Silk Dress when it gets chilly in the evening. 

A Spin on Color

If the wedding is confirmed in late summer, odds are the event will be held sometime in fall. Saturated shades have entered the cocktail conversation with a color play that’s a bit off-kilter, slightly skewed, and enormously unexpected. Mustards meet marigolds, reds rendezvous with rusts, and pops of bubblegum pink link with lavender, as the color wheel of cocktail dress designs spins on its axis, all the better to turn some heads as you glide into the gala.


Featured above: Bold red dress for a look that screams “Look out world, I’m back!” AGAATI Red Sustainable Cocktail Midi Dress. With fall setting in, style the dress for the holiday parties with this handwoven scarf from artisan group Ruhi, India

Saloni Shrestha, the Parsons graduate designer for AGAATI, has created a capsule collection of special occasion dresses, including couture cocktail for weddings, that are making their mark onto the international style stage this season. It packs a visual punch of color and breaks free from the basic earth tone neutrals of fall seasons-gone-by. They can be all made to measure in any size you want!

Primed for the mass exodus into the world of glam, designer Saloni has designed bold looks with styles focused on sustainability, good feelings, and positive vibes.


In a season of poppies and sunflowers, the LBD is still perennial. Still the go-to cocktail dress for a wedding, the little black (but not-so-basic) dress will simply never go out of style. But, after a year of comfy and cozy, AGAATI’s use of soft flowy fabrics and fresh, fearless florals create the updated look and feel that says 2021. All the color palette stars in the world will just never push this style stand out of the spotlight when it comes to black cocktail couture, but for fall this year, the trend-de-jour is super soft, sultry, and endlessly elegant.

Dedicated to respecting, supporting, and remaining true to the artisans that create and inspire their designs, AGAATI presents the fall cocktail accessory collection of handmade bags and jewelry.

Elevate your look from special to spectacular with AGAATI’s line of unique accessories that allow you to express your own individual style. Gone are the days of prim pumps and pearls. Adorn today’s cocktail dress with vibrant, ethically made handbags and jewelry designs from artisans all over the world.

Pair AGAATI’s best seller black long cocktail dress (below) with artisan made accessories like the handmade paper earrings and bracelet by talented Italian artisan Verde Alfieri and eco-friendly cane bag handcrafted by Bobo bags artisans from Ghana


AGAATI is proud to present a collection of sustainable, socially responsible, “prêt-à-couture” designs. Dedicated to diversity, inspired by inclusivity, and committed to connection, we showcase incredibly talented and conscious makers on the multinational stage.

Feaured below: Fashion unites with the free-flowing of ideas when you pair the eco-friendly handmade cane bag made by Bobo bag artisans from Ghana and upcycled earring by Italian artisan Silvia Lanfranco with AGAATI’s full length red Sustainable Cocktail Dress. 

What are your fall wardrobe plans, plans? Share with us, lets inspire each other and celebrate life in this beautiful season of love. 

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