Hand Painted Handmade Bag

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This bag is called "LAURA" (SIZE: H -15.5 " X L - 14' X W - 5”) painted by Ruby Quinn from Philippines. Her inspiration for this bag is the new Ms, Philippines -(Universe). This is her portrait on this beautiful pandan bag. 

Ruby chose that picture where she was wearing a native fabric from her place called "Hablon:, as Ms.Rabiya wants to promote the fabric. And partnered her portrait with all the beautiful tropical flowers. Hibiscus symbolizes women and youthful or delicate beauty or perfection. Bird of paradise symbolizes freedom and joy and Kalachuchi represents beauty, purity and health.  She chose the red bag to paint her portrait, as Ms. Mateo's favorite color is Red, as she mentioned during her interview. "Red is power, Red is Me".

Materials and Care
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