Shibori Indigo Silk Scarf

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65 x200 cm (approximately 26 X 79 inches)

This scarf was created by the artisan team of Slowstitch Studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand specializing in handcrafted indigo dyed interior goods, fashion accessories and unique naturally dyed textiles. Each of their work is individually hand-dyed using botanical colors, natural fibers and a blend of contemporary and traditional dyeing techniques. The artisans are passionate about keeping the art of natural dyeing alive. The colors you see on their works are extracted from various leaves, fruits, barks and other botanical sources.


Synthetically dyed textiles are beautiful immediately after dyeing, while textiles dyed with indigo become more beautiful over time, developing their own characteristic shades with each day of use. Natural dyes are living colors and need to be cared for accordingly for best results. Please enjoy the gradual evolution of your naturally dyed textile.

100% of the sale price price goes back to the artisan group

Materials and Care

Made from a light and smooth 100% silk fabric this scarf is lightweight enough to be comfortably draped over the shoulders for an elegant look in summer whilst providing a soft pleasing touch to the skin. The natural properties of silk help the body to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. They created the Fireflies pattern on this shibori scarf using authentic stitch-resist shibori techniques which ensure that this scarf is entirely unique. The team used stitch-pleating at regular intervals, pulling the threads to compress the fabric and dyeing the entire piece in indigo.

Finish is with machine rolled hem


65 x200 cm (approximately 26 X 79 inches)

Wash care  

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or excessive rubbing against white fabric. We recommend hand-washing separately in lukewarm water with mild detergent which contains no whitening or bleaching agents. If using a washing machine please select gentle wash function with cold water. Please air-dry in a shaded area. Iron on low temperature.

Although we wash each textile multiple times before shipping to remove excess dye particles there is still a possibility of colour transference occurring (during harsh rubbing or other close/vigorous interactions). 

During the first few washes some brown or yellow pigment may appear in the water. This is normal and is a chemical compound characteristic of our indigo dye. Periodically removing this excess pigment will leave colours more vivid than before.

It will be delivered in 10-12 days. If you would like it by express please email us and we will arrange it with additional shipping charge of 40$