Hand weaved Shawl

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This beautiful shawl is handwoven by Irene from Vienna on a wooden handloom machine. The head comb used for the shawl measures 40/10, 40 threads every 10 centimeters. The shawl is made of high-quality materials, combining 50% yak and 50% silk. The yarns are dyed manually using plant-based colors. It is the combination of these three elements - yak, silk, and natural color - which makes the shawl glow in its own light. It is a real revelation as the shawl shows different shades depending on the light and the perspective.

The shawl feels soft and luxe. 

Materials and Care
The colors of the yarns used for the shawl come from the following plants respectively: ochre - Tagetes, blue-black Mauve, organic - undyed yarn. The shawl is 53 cm wide, 1.80 m long and has 14 cm of bangs. It has 264 warp threads which I divided into 60 in blue, 60 in ochre, 30 in nature-blue, 60 in nature, 30 in ochre and 24 in nature-blue. For threading the first 12 threads I have inserted the double on each side - in this case 24 threads. This gives the shawl a more resolute and elegant structure.
It will be delivered in 10-12 days. If you would like it by express please email us and we will arrange it with additional shipping charge of 40$