We are grateful to the skilled artisans who add soul and create magic in our garments. It is our mission to bring the makers and consumers closer together. We believe artisans and consumers complete the sustainable cycle of beautiful one of a kind tailored garments. The artisans we partner with inspire us to respect and celebrate the true beauty of handmade which we are so fortunate to have access to and bring that to our customers too. 

Exploiting artisans for short-term profits has been damaging artistry where most makers want their next generation to leave the trade to do better. We want to make this trade better and preserve the craftsmanship.

There are 75 million workers in the garment industry and 80% of the workforce are women. When these women workers are exploited with low wages, gender inequality and harassment, the effects percolate throughout the society, scarring generations and communities around the world. We want to lend our voice and actions to enable fair wages and respect to these women.

We will continuously strive to bring impact to people's lives and hope you will join this movement too.

We will be sharing with you all the wonderful artisan partners we work with. Come back soon to check them out!