Upcycled Unique Statement Choker Necklace

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A truly special necklace with a comfort fit made with maxi tabs: these components form a harmonious and hypnotic game that brings to mind perfection of the golden section and attracts the eye by making it follow its regularity. 

The yarn is in a bright-looking cotton blend that plays the same game as the tabs with its round light. Try to turn the necklace while wearing the button on the front: it will immediately become a detail that will frame your face and take on the appearance of a collar.

Furthermore, the nature of the materials and the coloring techniques allow the necklace to be washed with water without contraindications. 


Every step in the making of this necklace is handmade and tested to be resistant, washable, with attention to style and details. The button that clasp the necklace is vintage, always different from one piece to another and are carefully chosen as the signature of the maker. All the materials used for the necklace are produced and processed in Italy.

  • Powder coated aluminum can tab
  • Bright cotton-blend yarn
  • One-of-a-kind vintage button
  • Logo tag in laser-cut recycled vinyl 
Materials and Care

The artisan used a professional non-toxic technique that only uses electrostatics and heat for fixing organic-based powders on the aluminium. The coating results extremely resistant, washable with water and totally free of solvents that may be harmful to the skin and the environment. Moreover, the remaining powder used in the process is collected in order to be reused and avoid any kind of waste. The crochet and fringes are made from cotton. The button used to close the necklace, is a vintage unique piece different for every jewel which is both functional and decorative

These are custom orders and will take 10-12 days to finish. 


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