Sustainable Fashion Week and Beyond

Sustainable Fashion Week and Beyond

In a world where red carpets take over, and closets are filled with the infamous fashion brands that grace every magazine, experiencing Sustainable Fashion Week in late September was such a breath of fresh air. Literally! AGAATI cat walked the green carpet at Hotel Via on the rooftop patio in downtown San Francisco on a beautiful, sunny day. The unique setting was a flawless reflection of how the sustainable fashion industry came to be, and how conscious consumerism is becoming more of a mainstream idea, and not some hippy alternative view on fashion. With approximately 100 people in attendance, we were thrilled to open the show showcasing our Fall/Winter 2017 collection: Rebirth.

Watch the VIDEO HERE

The finale of Fashion Community Week featuring Sustainable Fashion Week was an important milestone for AGATTI to be a part of. Not only was the event amidst all global fashion weeks, AGAATI was the only brand dedicated to the sustainable fashion presentation by local emerging brands in the West Coast; an afternoon dedicated to raising awareness on conscious living.

As we enter the midst of the fall season, we are ecstatic with the possibilities and opportunities that will come our way as we continue to showcase just how chic and luxurious ethical fashion can be. Taking off on our journey, be sure to follow along by jumping onto the blog every other Monday for updates and stories on the AGAATI adventure.

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