Business with Purpose

Business with Purpose

A podcast interview with Molly Stillman of


This past week, our very own Saloni sat down with our friend Molly Stillman at Still Being Molly. The popular lifestyle blogger puts a much needed focus on conscious living and ethical fashion, a perfect topic for AGAATI to be introduced on her podcast “Business with Purpose”. As Molly breaks down the effects of fast fashion, she flips to introduce Saloni and AGAATI as leaders in the industry with a goal to “buck” the fast fashion trend. She notes on AGAATI’s incredibly bold, stylish and high end collections that respect the environment and people along the production line.

Saloni shares with the audience a detailed overview of her personal journey in the fashion world, her incredible experiences working for various high end fashion brands, her love for fashion and tailoring at a young age, and the importance of sharing stories and experiences to educate others.

This podcast is a perfect listen for learning more about the vision and philosophy of AGAATI, and why fast fashion is a topic we should all be concerned about.

Click here to listen!

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