Green is the the new Black

Green is the the new Black

 Authored by: Roshni Gurung

Fast fashion has become so appealing to our fundamental need to look fresh and new that we never pause to think what is it taking away from us. We continue to believe in “more the merrier” and continue to believe in the myth that we are paying less for what we are getting - a bargain, a deal! An ongoing saga where clothes become quickly disposable and the social pressure to follow a fast fashion lifestyle has become everyone’s “fashion mantra”.

The idea of being able to afford a big wardrobe, off course, has to be a happy ending of every fashtionista’s fairy tale. But at the end of it all, it is only a fairy tale! But the problem is far bigger – child labor, poor working condition, clothing industry is the second highest polluter of clean water and one of the biggest contributor to landfill.


As Agaati, we are trying to  create awareness amongst consumer. We are trying to build a socially conscious brand that creates bold, feminine, limited edition women’s wear while caring for our environment and artisans around the world.

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