Declutter your closet - Eco friendly way

Declutter your closet - Eco friendly way

Authored By : Roshni Gurung  


As I was  shuffling through my wardrobe to clean up for spring, I stumbled upon something alarming. Clothes that I have barely wore filled up half of my favorite nook in the house! I have been reading lately about fashion industry being the second most polluting industry in the world and something struck. It was a point of self-realization. As much as I love fashion, my own excessive behavior as a consumer has been contributing to this mess!


Like every other girl, I love being fashionable and with new styles coming out every season it is not only difficult but also impossible for one to not go and shop. I thought deeply about this problem last couple of days and came up with an action plan to declutter while helping the environment. This is going to be cathartic!

Bring them out: There is a spring bash at your friend’s place. Off course, like always the diva in you wants to dress up and take that perfect picture to share with your friends on social media. Only problem - you need a dress that no one has seen before. Don’t panic, check your wardrobe, remember there is a high probability that half of the honorable residents of your closet have not seen the light of the day with your gang! 

Sharing is Caring: You want to declutter your favourite corner. You know there are some pieces that you don’t want to wear, ever! Don’t just throw them away; ask your friends, sister, aunt; they might want to grab it! Remember, girls always like what they don’t have. 

Your money belongs to your wallet: Resell your clothes. Sometimes its good to see your money where it belongs, IN YOUR WALLET! Companies like ThredUP, a resale fashion store allows you to sell your clothes. You can also sell your clothes on eBay or your neighbourhood consignment stores.

Swap Swap Swap: Swapping clothes with friends is a great idea. You can revive your favourite corner with clothes in exchange within your close circle. Good thing about swapping clothes is you can always get it back if you ever change your mind!

Rent your outfit: Next time when you have an invitation to that exclusive charity dinner where you want to wear that exclusive gown or a cocktail dress. Please don’t force yourself to damage the value of the charity by buying something that will contribute to the landfill after your charity dinner is over. Rent your outfit! Join brands like Rent the Runway and Style Lend, rent or lend!

And if you still want to splurge and buy something nice for yourself. Try to “Educate Yourself” about the brands that support “Sustainable Fashion”.

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