Empower the Hand Behind the Handmade

Empower the Hand Behind the Handmade

“While something as intimate and universal as our clothes exists in the service of our beliefs and self-expression, it also exists in the service of others.” AGAATI

What we wear is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a form of self-expression, a representation of your values and celebration of its creators around the world. It’s a radical way to support creators around the world. Our clothes therefore have a profound consequences on our world and communities. It plays a crucial role in defining our social, political, cultural, economic and environmental status.


Today we see our world under the [toxic] influence of consumerism and fast fashion. We have forgotten to be unique and original in our choices. At AGAATI, we are challenging you to 
be Bold and do Bold.

Many of you must be asking yourself  - how can I make a difference in the world? Where do I start? What do I choose from among the overwhelming number of urgent global issues? But these desires soon frizzle out, because it feels too overwhelming to find something that you are passionate about or the right platform and people to engage with. 

With AGAATI, making a difference is simple, easy, quick and fun. But, we can’t do this alone and need you to join us!. In today’s tech driven world AGAATI will champion handmade and craftsmanship to the likes of couture that is accessible. And all starts by Empowering YOU to empower others!

Why Hand Made?

Since childhood I always had a passion and compelling attraction towards handmade wearable art. In the highest level of fashion we can define it as couture.

But it's not just couture, it’s the storytelling of craftsmanship and beautiful artisanal work narrating history and heritage, culture and love stories untold. In today’s tech - driven world where we are consumed with gadgets, AGAATI will be the champion for handmade and craftsmanship as treasured characteristic  in wearable clothing so that consumerism will not erase history from the future.

Everyone is special and what you wear has to mean more as you deserve more! With handmade I would like to loop back to the beginning where it says Clothes are service to oneself and others.

  • You become a priceless piece of Art because a handmade item cannot be duplicated after a certain number. This means that every handmade item you purchase is also one-of-a-kind.You are the receiver of great uniqueness and personal nature of bespoke, limited edition and handmade items is what makes them so appealing.

  • You prevent extinction of art and champion its preservation.. When you wear a weaved fabric or a hand embroidery, you support its continuity and the livelihood of the community.  That every inch of the fabric, colour or the yarn that forms the garment has been diligently serviced by the hands of the Maker. And by wearing that same garment, you pay respect to his work and his story.

  • You embrace human potential and give a small community of artisans a voice they might not otherwise have. When done by a community, multiple times over, the artisanal community find new life and the consumer community a new meaning

  • You empower artisans. When you buy a product, you directly provide livelihood opportunity and help uplift their communities by providing continuous livelihood opportunities

  • You value the creative spirit and help preserve art. Be it the colour, fabric or design, you know it’s been crafted as a expression of rich cultures and traditions from across the world

  • Making hand made in wearable clothing as the biggest trend compelling people to care about quality, culture and preserve  - What you wear is not just beautiful clothes but also history of cultures, stories of people.

The journey of AGAATI is relatable to the quote  “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you” by Chuck Klosterman. Let us weave stories in your wardrobe and make dressing up extra special and you deserve no less!

I would like to take this opportunity, while I have your attention, to share that a beautifully hand painted and embroidered new collection is in the making. A rich art form implemented into designs will adorn the modern woman. This technique in its truest form has never been experimented on apparels before now. So yes, I am being daring, I am excited and I am nervous! I am launching these prototypes at the New York and Paris Fashion shows this September with the hope of garnering support from patrons of fashion, art and design. I believe these you and the influencers will be crucial in my mission to popularise this art form and most importantly it’s alchemy with haute couture.

To scale our production and market them to discover more ambassadors who like yourself want to make a difference on Sept 15th, 2018. Not only will the fund be used to take artisanal design global but will also share a percentage of the fund raised (will be disclosed in the next update) with the painters and a non-profit that supports artisans. 

In case you want to hear more in-depth conversation on our mission and how we are executing it please listen to my Conversation with Kestrel Jenkins, founder and curator of Conscious chatter on the topic Embracing Hands and Machines. In this podcast we discussed how we believe that there is a way to fuse cultural traditions with today's fast-faced tech-driven world. 

Thank you for your time. I would love to hear your feedback, any ideas on how we can be better. If you would like to be a part of our Fundraising campaign just email at 



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