Styling Talks with New York Fashionista

Styling Talks with New York Fashionista

Hi everyone!
It’s Tricia from Happily Ever Style (@happilyeverstyle) here and I’m AGAATI’s guest blogger this month! In this special style post, I’m sharing how my good friend Hajra, a New York style influencer (@hajra_aaa) and I put together 3 different looks with this red midi silk dress that features beautiful birds embroidered on a manual machine by skilled artisans in India!    

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I personally would have loved to wear this dress as it is, but because of cold, I had to layer up! The dress is flowy and light so I enhanced the romantic elements by adding some rosy pink hues to the first look – I wore a pink blazer over the dress for some Valentine’s Day vibes! And because the blazer is a little oversized, I added a pink belt over everything to accentuate my waistline.                              


Hajra added a touch of luxe to the red dress by putting a white faux fur cape over the dress on her shoulders. She decided to go for white in order to echo the white in the embroidered birds, keeping the look clean and elegant.

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If you think this dress can only be worn during special occasions, think again! My second look is for more casual days like going out for Sunday brunch or shopping with the girlfriends. I put on a soft leather jacket and a pair of flat over-the-knee boots to make sure the outfit is chic and comfortable at the same time!
Last, but not least, is an all-red look put together by Hajra! You can never go wrong when you do monochrome outfits – and we promise you, they’ll look fantastic every single time!
Both Hajra and I had so much fun styling this dress! Which one out of the four is your favorite? We hope you like this style post, and thank you for reading!
I'am curious how would you style this dress? Leave us some ideas in the comments section
You can read a slightly different narrative on Tricia's blog
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  • Pairing it with the pink blazer was my favorite look this Feb. Would love to see how you’d style it in summer.

    Baishali on
  • Pairing it with the pink blazer was my favorite look this Feb. Would love to see how you’d style it in summer.

    Baishali on
  • Nice, Iove the styling. I also read Tricia’s blog post here

    Caitlin on

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