Blending Sustainability with Contemporary Style

Blending Sustainability with Contemporary Style

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One of the greatest challenges of the slow fashion world can be finding items that align with your personal style. Over the last few years, ethical fashion has grown immensely, taking more stylish steps towards merging sustainable textiles and ethical details with the mainstream fashion industry. As more research and discoveries are made, the more consumers know about what goes on behind the scenes. This is where our excitement stems from, as here at AGAATI, we’re all about blending our beliefs in sustainable production with feminine, contemporary style.

Fashion Partnering with artisans

Behind the scenes captures lady of the house spinning the yarns before the loom is prepared for weaving. 

                    weavers slow fashion sustainable fashion

     An in-house weaver trained for several years, weaves a meter of silk in a day.
     If this is not couture, what is?  

wedding dress ethical design craftsmanship embroidered dress silk

 Handloom weaved silk organza. Decorated with birds from designer’s imagination and   embroidered one at a time, using manually operated machine.

sustainable fashion hand made cotton top pink top eco chic

Handloom weaved cotton with parrot patterns sourced from Varanasi.
Our values in ethical consumption and production come first. We believe in fairly made products, empowering and paying artisans the wages they deserve for their incredible hand woven work. Second, we are chic, sophisticated and fun. AGAATI's bold designs combine embroidery, color and textile surface manipulation to showcase just how daring ethical fashion can be. Fashion plays a major role in how you express your individuality. Whether you’re headed to a meeting, brunch or cocktail hour, we present the opportunity to blend your personal style and ethical responsibility with every stitch and bow, while complimenting the bold, femme and unique you.

                           hand embroidery Spring coat blue coat conscious design     

Hand made embroidery on dead stock wool (vast amount of left over fabrics from mills or branded companies) made in Italy, decorated with hand embroidered floral designs from left over fabric. Inspired from ribbon art of Roman Times.

                                 womenswear coat long outerwear blue feminine       

Dead stock wool coat sourced in Los Angeles, designed as limited edition. Surely meant for
the brave and a sweet heart.

We believe in a zero waste philosophy, utilizing textiles scraps and dead stock (left over fabric, overstock or pre-consumer waste) to recreate possibilities. As environmental stewards, always considering the impact on our beautiful planet throughout the design and production process, every detail must be consciously implemented, from 3D embroidery using waste materials to dying garments with azo-free dyes. Our go-to textiles include natural fibres for the luxe and affordable closet, viscose for delicate and romantic looks, and hand woven wool for warmth and versatility. Choosing these delicate materials to empower the weaving communities we work with, allows us to play on their strengths and design based on an economic need. By helping you step into your personal style with our ethical approach, together we can showcase how influential fashion can be as an educational tool for sustainable development.


       Feel good about how your style today will affect the industry tomorrow.





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