Hand woven Zero Waste Cape

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A capelet made from handwoven textile will fit effortlessly into your style and wardrobe made by talented artisan Sydney Sogol. Rock the Capelet like a Eco-Fashionista by wearing a sustainable ZERO-WASTE piece of art! There are so many ways to wear it. You can wear it long and flowing or flip it for a short and sassy look!  You can style it by tucking it over a shoulder, throwing on a belt, popping a jacket over it or letting it swing and flow all by itself. 

It can take you from sunshine to snow with year long wear. Close your eyes and imagine! Perfect for all kinds of activities from strolling in your neighborhood,  a night out, or snuggled up with a good book or binge worthy show! 


Everyone deserves to be able to wear a work of art.

Size 1: S-L -42” wide and 60” long
Arm holes 8.5” long 15” apart

Size 2: L-XL( around US size 16-18)- 42” wide and 60” long
Arm holes 10.5” long 21” apart.

Size 3*:custom sizing for 2-3XL ( US 20-24). 42” wide and 60” long
*while supply lasts with options for additional length to 65-70” long

The difference is the distance between the arm holes and the length of the arm holes 

Material and care

Handwoven in small batches in Durham, NC, the Capelets are extra soft on the skin, vegan, and made with 100% plant based fibers. Made of hand painted and dyed tencel yarn, made from eucalyptus trees, it is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable yarns out there! 

As an added bonus the Capelets are machine washable!  Put it in a delicate bag and wash on cold. Then air dry. See Care page for more information.


As it is a made to order garment it will take 2-3 Weeks to be completed and 1 weeks for delivery within US.