Masterpiece Village Life Indigenous Sheep Wool Rug

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This stunning collector's rug is a masterpiece. The artisan community are more than just unmatched craftspeople, they are also story tellers who weave tales of their imagination into rugs capturing the past, present and future. This rug is a narrative of the community's cultural beliefs, traditions and their way of life. 

This Rug is made of sustainably procured handspun local sheep wool, handwoven on a simple nomadic loom by Tejsi ji as shown in the pictures, this rug design won him a National Award by the Govt. of India!

From the hand spinning of the wool to preparing the dye baths, dyeing of the wool and then finally weaving, the whole process is time consuming. However, it is exactly this care and attention that imparts something special into these rugs.

 "Sustainability is not about reinventing the wheel, it is allowing communities and cultures rooted in sustainability to take the lead." Truer words were never said and our Native Sheep wool Rugs by our artisan partner Resham Dor is an epitome of such an initiative. This rug is woven using the Kharad weaving technique. Currently practised by only 2 families , its a diminishing craft. In its warp and weft lies the ancestory of an intricate technique, practised by over 9 generations of the artisan families ! Suffice to say, Kharad is a treasure that is an heirloom, that comes from the bloodlines of the nomad, that carry a narrative of ethos-to-ethos cradle production. Resham Dor's goal is to create enough demand to provide sustainable livelihood for artisans and encourage younger generation to take this as a profession. 

Dyes: Non, white and black sheep wool is natural colored.

Materials & Care
Local Sheep Wool
Time to make 5 months. Please allow 10-12 business days for this to arrive from India after it is ready for shipping.
5' x 7