Black and White Undyed Sheep Wool Rug-The Way of My Ancestors

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A black and White handspun and handwoven sheep wool rug. Originally Kharad weaving was simple in its soul — black, brown and white themed. But nothing ornate. The design used in this rug is traditional to the community yet contemporary for the modern home. The motifs seen here can be found painted on walls, stitched into household items and woven into camel straps in Kutch region. 
The wool used in making this rug is undyed - black, white and grey are natural sheep wool colors. 

"Sustainability is not about reinventing the wheel, it is allowing communities and cultures rooted in sustainability to take the lead." Truer words were never said and our Native Sheep wool Rugs by our artisan partner Resham Dor is an epitome of such an initiative. 

This rug is woven using the Kharad weaving technique. Currently practised by only 2 families , its a diminishing craft. In its warp and weft lies the ancestory of an intricate technique, practised by over 9 generations of the artisan families ! Suffice to say, Kharad is a treasure that is an heirloom, that comes from the bloodlines of the nomad, that carry a narrative of ethos-to-ethos cradle production. 

The artisan community are unmatched craftspeople, and the only community in India that practice the art of weaving vintage pictorial rugs . The master craftsman Tejsiji has been honoured with multiple awards , has represented India in craft exhibitions worldwide and was recently awarded St. Kabir award , an honour bestowed to outstanding artisans for their contribution to keep heritage alive !

Materials & Care
This Rug is made of sustainably procured handspun local sheep wool, handwoven on a simple nomadic loom by Tejsi ji as shown in the pictures.
Ready to ship. Please allow 10-12 business days for this to arrive from India after placing order.
3' x 5'