"The style of Agaati is so unique, which so much is my personal taste, and at the same time business like (but not too much!) so I can wear my favorites every day and feel great, like wrapped in a piece of art, and you can bet I get so many compliments! 

Many of my dresses in my wardrobe are like my treasures, many of them have beautiful memories attached to it, and that is definitely true for each of my AGAATI pieces." - Manuela M.


“Who wouldn’t want to wear a dreamy dress by a brand that is driven to support social responsibility and artisans?  It’s a win-win to feel wonderful on the inside and look wonderful on the outside.” - Vi R.


Very well thought designs, makes it even better when it has positive impact in mind. Keep up the good work and will always look forward to your new designs.

Rotsna p.