Celebrating women & their power to change the world, one dress at a time

Celebrating women & their power to change the world, one dress at a time


What you wear is more than just a piece of clothing. It tells a story about you in an unspoken language and reveals a deeper connection with your emotions, values, and culture. From the very beginning AGAATI has inspired the modern woman to look closely at what she wears, why she wears it and how it impacts people and the environment—urging her to Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Informed. Creating a powerful fashion statement that combines Artistry with Aesthetics, Style with Sustainability and Comfort with Consciousness. 

Inviting women to be a part of our journey and in crafting a story that elevates the work of the hand, brings back purity in our process and authenticity and honesty in our practices. A way of living which embraces harmonious co-existence—between the wearer and maker, craftsmanship and creativity, fashion and art.


So, who is an AGAATIAN?

In a world where women are increasingly empowered, we are moving away from the clichés of old and embracing femininity that recognises the aspirations of today's multifaceted women—which is ever-evolving, filled with riddles and is sparkling world of surprises.  

From the iron-willed businesswoman to the courageous and loving mother, we embrace women who are comfortable in her own skin, who are aware that her flaws are what makes her unique; women who are focused on well-being rather than purely living, who are funny, creative, audacious, curious, passionate for new experiences and in pursuit for a better way of living, loving and giving. But also, for women who are free spirited, who can make fun of herself and is flirty when she wants to. What remains common and at the heart of an AGAATIAN is the will and the ambition to drive change, loud and proud—be it in their own lives or in the lives of people around them.

Our designs are therefore feminine yet powerful, spirited yet thoughtful, bold yet open, romantic yet influential. Above all, its Original, Exclusive & Effortless!


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