AGAATI Women Trailblazer Series | Louisa Well

AGAATI Women Trailblazer Series | Louisa Well

In a world where women are increasingly empowered, we are moving away from the clichés of old and embracing femininity that recognises the aspirations of today's multifaceted women—which is ever-evolving, filled with riddles and is sparkling world of surprises.  

We are excited to launch the AGAATI Women Trailblazer Series—a tete-a-tete conversation with women from across diverse sectors on fashion, beauty and wellness. What more? Watch them in some of our favorite designs and see the magic that unfurls when personal style infuses into the AGAATI aesthetics!

Meet Louisa Wells, an NYC-based photographer and writer living in New York City. Through her photography, she loves capturing the beauty of the everyday. In her free time, she enjoys singing, dancing hip-hop, and teaching others about photography and being a creative with purpose and intention.

"I believe in the power of inclusivity and I am a strong advocate to creating a diverse space in the fashion industry, an industry that has for too long forgotten about the 'other.' 

Her work is a testament that all faces have beauty and that we don't have to always stick to the status quo.

What I do and why I you love it...

I’m one of those multi-hyphenates that you hear about these days. By day, I work at an all-boys private school in New York. There, I work with an incredible team to help market the school in the best way possible and I also get to teach the yearbook class. Outside of that, I am a freelance fashion and event photographer. I also consult on small e-commerce businesses providing social media content creation, website management, newsletter design, etc. I love all of this because I get to combine my love for visual arts and design with helping people and bringing their dreams come to life. And the boys? They bring me so much joy. Each day is truly a gift at the school. 

What inspires me outside of work..

Outside of work, I’m inspired by other creatives. I love watching movies that are so artfully done. I also take hip hop dance classes regularly to push myself in new ways. Dance as an art form is another way to express and create and it does help me with my photography work as well.

My fashion and beauty mantra to look good is...

These days, I’m not wearing too much makeup unless it’s a special occasion. For me, it’s wearing and buying clothes that I think truly “feel like me.” If I put something on and it doesn’t work, I go back to the closet to try again. I’m into experimenting with different colors and textures mixed together to bring something unique to my look. And before I leave every morning? I say an affirmation. I stand in the mirror and say out loud one thing I like about myself that day. It’s done wonders for my confidence. 

Some habits that make me feel good...

I focus a lot on little joys. The dance classes bring me so much joy, as does taking walks and giving myself space to be creative. We all have been given gifts and talents but sometimes I feel like we don’t give ourselves the time and space to let ourselves exercises those gifts. I truly think that leaving space for this is what makes me feel good. I also believe in the power of prayer, getting quiet and listening to God. It is my center in the midst of a chaotic city.

There's so much going on today, the role I play in this ...

Speaking of chaos, this world is definitely full of a lot of heavy and dark things, but I don’t ever want fear to stop me from doing good. I believe it starts at a small level, with the people we interact with. Leaving someone better than you found them (I didn’t say this, someone else did), but I try to live by that daily. Even a smile at a stranger can make the world of a difference. It starts there. Showing that we truly love and care about others.

 What is sustainability to me and the part I play in everyday life...

I’m working on this one. I’ve started to really be conscientious about the products I’m consuming and if they are made of materials that can be reused/recycled. When it comes to clothing, I’m still working on getting better about buying second-hand, it’s a process! I think taking time to slow down each day to think about my decisions and why I make them, can lead me to have a more productive and conscious approach to the way I live. All in process.

On her experience with AGAATI
"I loved the clothes and actually received so many compliments as I was shooting. The black dress was my favorite and I felt so elegant. Too often, sustainable clothes have a bad rep and people don't always associate them with being stylish but I feel like Agaati has completely done away this stereotype. The clothes are clearly made at a high quality and the detail and care that go into them are noticeable". 

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