Stone Carved Handmade Necklace

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This very unique necklace was hand crafted by Imtiaaz Ali and his team who are based in India. Imtiaaz operates an organization called Al Maun which is made of a small group of Agra based artisans specializing in handmade stone jewelry and home decor. Imtiaaz and other skilled artisans are trying to keep the art of stone inlay alive with new forms. Ten craftsmen work together in Al Maun. 

Support the work of these talented artisans

Materials and Care
The pattern in the necklace is usually geometric forms or floral of Mughal inspiration. The small part of inlay is cut from semi-precious stones. The process after cutting of the precious stones is difficult and very complicated. Master craftsmen make floral design over based stone by hand drawing . The design is engraved with half round chisel and hammer to depth of 1 mm over marble stone. After the surface is evened with a sander, fine sawdust mixed with diluted adhesive is applied over the entire surface until all the gaps are filled. The object is the planned, sanded with water based emery paper and machine buffed to give it a smooth polished. Special care is taken while finishing all. 
It will be delivered in 10-12 days. If you would like it by express please email us and we will arrange it with additional shipping charge of 40$