Upcycled Zero Waste Necklace

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The winning design at Global Eco Artisan Awards!

This chic necklace is designed and made by Silvia LanFranco from Italy. The 'core' of her project consists in recycling aluminum from cans (stainless, seasonless and extremely lightweight), subsequently crafted with handmade crochet technique, without the aid of glues or supports but with the simple creation of always different knotted textures.

Silvia personally handles every single step of the process, starting from the recovery of the material to its cleaning and ending with the crochet.

As a part of promoting artisans work AGAATI gives back 100% of the sales to Silvia for this necklace.

Only 1 piece available. 

Materials and Care

In this necklace she has used can tabs in their natural silver color linked with double row crochet: in the inside part there is a cotton-viscose shiny yarn, while the outer side is embellished with pure cotton yarn.

The button, which is used to close the necklace, is a vintage unique piece different for every jewel. Silvia carefully chooses it as if it were her signature. It is both functional and decorative, you may wear it on the back of your neck as a simple latch or it could be worn on the front as a jewel motif. Near the button-hole there is a small medal laser-engraved logo made from old vinyl records.

It will be delivered in 10-12 days. If you would like it by express please email us and we will arrange it with additional shipping charge of 40$