Embroidered Silk Wrap

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This beautiful wearable art wrap with a front closure is made by Australian textile artist Michelle Mischkulnig. The materials used to make this embroidered silk wrap are hand dyed in Australia, silk mesh, silk organza, silk velvet, silk fibers, silk ribbon, and hand dyed silk embroidery threads. 

Michelle has trapped fine layers of silk lap between 2 layers of water soluble fabric and used free motion embroidery to secure the fibers. She has used the natural drape of the silk mesh and caught the folds using free motion embroidery and hand stitch to form panels of flowing movement. 

It is truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

Materials and Care
The art garment is embellished with silk organza and silk velvet sequins. Each of the sequins is individually made sandwiching the fabrics between two layers of water soluble and fabric free motion stitching. The velvet and organza sequins are backed with silk organza. They have been stitched by hand and machine to the garment to accentuate the flow and draw all the panels together. In the final layer of hand stitching Michelle has used a variety of hand dyed silk threads, silk roving and silk ribbon. Believing this adds great interest to the surface of the scarf and shows my passion for the finished product being a true art garment. 
It will be delivered in 10-12 days. If you would like it by express please email us and we will arrange it with additional shipping charge of 40$