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This eco-friendly throw is made by the artisans of House of Hindee, a sustainable women centric fashion, textile and lifestyle brand. Their product is a 100% natural, ethically made woolen textile what they like to call, The Himalayan Tweed. It is created using zero electricity, zero chemicals and generates zero waste and the entire process of sorting, spinning, weaving and felting is done by hand, by the women artisans of Himachal. HOH has contributed immensely in safeguarding a traditional art form which is slowly getting extinct due to the mechanized nature of the industry. They convert this beautiful textile into clothing, lifestyle accessories and home goods.

Once the wool is bought from the Gaddi Tribal sheep herders, providing them with fair wages and ethical trade practices, the process of hand sorting the wool into different natural colours begins. Upon sorting, the wool is then washed by hand using a natural plant root called the soap nut; to be then dried naturally in the Himalayan sunlight. Once the wool is dried and sorted by colour, it is ready to be hand spun on the spinning wheel called the Charkha. The Charkha is a small handmade mechanical object which does not need any electricity to operate, hence making it an environmentally positive tool of creation.

All the raw wool is spun various times on the Charkha by hand to create small balls of wool, by the tribal women of Himachal. Once the wool balls are ready, the process of setting the original wooden loom begins and the setting up of the warp and weft strands of wool as per the desired pattern is done. The wool is then hand woven into beautifully intricate and graphic patterns to either create our iconic throws or to create the tweed yarn.

Meet the team of HOH lead by Anhad Bhullar Malhotra. 100% sale goes back to HOH team

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