Conscious creativity in the times of Corona. A special message from our founder Saloni on what we've been up to during these challenging times.

If you're in San Francisco we are donating home made cotton, washable masks to seniors and to those who are struggling to find them. San Francisco city has made wearing of masks in public places mandatory from 04/19. We can no longer brush aside the importance of it reducing the spread. Donating these masks we want to encourage neighbors and community members to take care of themselves and show they care for everyone around as well. 
Saloni enjoyed doing some Kantha hand embroidery on some masks but most of them are in plain surfaces, in 2 styles as shown in the video. Thanks to everyone who has shared tutorials that can enable you to make them at home.mask     fashion brand donating masks
Please contact support@agaati.com or DM us on instagram @agaati.california to get one. Lets hope and heal together!