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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the prize money?

    Cash prize: USD 1,000 to USD 2,000 for Runner up and Winner across two primary categories, Textiles and Accessories.

  2. Can brands (established & emerging) participate in the competition?

    Only small businesses or individuals producing eco artisanal products can apply.  

  3. What do you mean by artisans?

    An artisan is a skilled individual who creates original and high quality handmade products with a unique design focus.S/He uses traditional methods in the process. S/He makes these products themselves or with the assistance of a team and takes responsibility for sourcing and finishing the product. 

  4. Who are the Judges?

    The names and profiles of the panel of Judges is available on the website. These are internationally renowned experts who have graciously volunteered their time and we are grateful to them.

  5. Who will cover shipping costs of semi-finalists?

    AGAATI will cover the shipping costs of all products that semifinalists have to submit to qualify for the final round. The shipping address will be provided by November end.

  6. When is the awards ceremony?

    We will publish the date of the awards ceremony by November end. The ceremony will also include educational content including keynotes and panels of experts beyond the judges 

  7. Can I submit products on behalf of my friends, colleagues or local artisans I know?

    Yes, you can although, should your friend, colleague, artisans win the competition, we will be highlighting his/her story. Please make sure to complete the application with all the requirements highlighted in the Submissions section above.

  8. What will happen to the products shipped by finalists?

    The products submitted by the finalists will be with us for the first 6 months. We will be promoting these products widely among our customers through our website and social media. Should someone buy the product, we will ship the product from our office to the customer and transfer the money to your account without any sales commission. 

  9. How much will you charge on commissions and lists on your website after the first free 6 months?

    After 6 months we will charge a listing fee of USD 1 per month and 20% commission on sales. This is to help us cover the costs for logistics, marketing and operations related to the product.

  10. What price range products are you looking for?

    Although price is not the main factor and we welcome quality products, our clientele consists of women who love one-of-a-kind, unique and luxe products who are willing to pay more for than what is commonly available in most online marketplaces. We therefore request you to consider the selection criteria based on which the Judges will be selecting the winners.

  11. Who are your clients and where are they from?

    Our clients are primarily based in the US but we have clients from Singapore, Australia, India and Europe as well.

  12. Can I submit products which do not fall under accessories?

    No. Although this competition is only for textiles and accessories, we are always looking for artisanal partners to collaborate with. Please connect with us via email at