Summer Dream is Finally Here!

Beautiful sustainable summer dresses

Happy Greetings, Agaatians! 

Summer is finally upon us finally! And this time, with a few more sunny soirées ahead as the world is, at last, opening up. This morning, my window is open to enjoy the warm breeze and the trees in total bright green bloom, an oasis beneath a bright blue sky. And the birds are chirping, beckoning that we embrace this new season! No more staying in pajamas until late afternoon while I click-clack away on my keyboard; even if I do stay home, I can’t waste this gorgeous summer ahead on leggings or more sweatpants. I’m craving color and originality as the nostalgic but exciting question of “what to wear” has returned. Such a summer needs clothes that emulate this post-pandemic joie de vivreAs the Business of Fashion recently agreed, these days, dressing up is our very much needed form of escapism. 

beautiful summer dress


Indeed, how to dress to ring in this new season? This emergence from hibernation! AGAATI is the mood-boosting energy, obviously. Designed by my talented friend Saloni, who made every spring and summer piece I could have ever dreamed up for these newly social months ahead, during which I plan to be both completely productive while also completely soaked in humidity (and also, umm…sangria). AGAATI makes clothes that celebrate each day, that invoke that very necessary positive psychology that emulates from fabulous clothes, that sing the newness of the morning and the promise of good cheer at the end of a day of our many pursuits.

beautiful pink long cotton dress
Featured above is hand painted bag by Ruby Quinn of Philippines and handmade necklace by Almaun artisans, India

The designs for summer are roomy and soft, but also colorful and decorative. This intersection of art and comfort makes these pieces completely lavish. For instance, I’m SO excited to throw on my hot pink dress all season. With the message embroidered "Be the place where love flos through", it's perfect when belted up for colorful day-to-day life like running to the store, not to mention for taking along to memorable vacations. The signature "power pink" style is my go-to, which I style with some of the beautifully handmade accessories that AGAATI's artisan partners are creating, like the hand-painted(!) bag and the handmade marble necklace

white cotton dress for summer AGAATI
Featured above is handmade ceramic necklace by Ceramist Françoise Bergaglia from Paris and hand woven bag by artisan team of Industree Foundation

I also had Saloni make me one in white, but midi-length (see above) which I wore all around Nice and Monaco back when I could travel. It is perfect. Currently its available as pre order only. Of course, if you're into safer and more season-less colors, then - yes - she does have black too. The pleats on the neck that open into a wider hem make for beautiful layering later in cooler temperatures in fall and spring too. Also, the piece goes from day to night absolutely seamlessly, as I wear with flats during the day but then heels and a statement necklace in the evening.

Black flowy cotton dress for summer
Featured above are artisan made: macrame earrings by Karolina Savi, Finland, Bobo hand made cane bags by Juliet Nana Agyeman Somuah, Mr. Williams Des Bordes and their team

And of course, as you can see, it’s also perfect for days spent relaxing, but doing so more beautifully than in my old t-shirt that also I slept in. No more of that!

Equally, I am so eager to put on the midi skirt made from one-of-a-kind handwoven cotton, which is so cute with a tank top, and even a jean jacket when the temp drops in the evening. Throw in the handmade paper necklace from Saloni's Italian artisan partnersa, and a pineapple fibre hand-sewn bag which can be carried in many ways—the remaining decision is, heeled sandals or Birkenstocks?! (With this gold embroidery, it’s gorgeous, but so versatile.) There’s also a matching shirt...

BEAUTIFUL cotton shirt and skirt AGAATI


Featured above are artisan made: Handcrafted Pineapple Fibre Bag by Melina Marelja from Croatia, handmade paper necklace by Verde Alfieri from Italy

And lastly, in the same fabric, for the evening, my pièce de résistance: 

 Best summer dress

You might have seen me dancing in it the other day when our friend Vi, another AGAATI lover, stopped by to see my new pieces from the new collection. The midi-length is perfect, but it’s the PLEATS that have me absolutely spinning with excitement for whatever sweet surprises may come this summer! Joie de vivre, indeed! This dress is fabulous in every way, and is going to be the best for my plans of garden parties and fizzy summer cocktails. 

To emphasize, the other true beauty to be found in AGAATI clothes is their commitment to ethical manufacturing. Certainly, clothing defines our personality by color and silhouette. But it also revives our collective spirit through mindful making and purchasing. The handmade nature of all of these bright clothes, woven by artisans from certified organic cottons, or painted by hand, and designed by global artists, is really the positive business we hope to engage in as we reignite our industries and love of shopping. 

It is a new season, now, put on consciously designed clothes, and embrace the fragile gift of this beautiful life! 

Xoxo, Anne 

(Our first summer blog was sent in by our friend Anne Whiting, an eco-textile researcher and writer, and also the founder of her own upcycling label in New York City. She's an avid collaborator with NYC ReFashion Week and IMPACT NYFW. She enjoys painting in her free time and splits her days between New York, Minnesota, and California.) 

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  • So many beautiful nuggets of inspiration, conscious styling and good cheer here! Can’t wait to get some Agaati on for ‘this emergence from hibernation’ as the writer puts it 💕

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