10 Ethical Fashion Bloggers

The ethical fashion world is constantly evolving. As new research is revealed, from recently discovered ethical textiles to brand transparency exposures, the fashion industry comes even closer to merging with the sustainable fashion movement, pushing it forward as a mainstream industry.

With so much noise on social media and in the news, we wanted to break down our 10 favorite ethical fashion bloggers to help keep you in the know and up to date with new findings in the industry. Each of these bloggers take a personal approach to their passion for sustainable fashion. Whether you like a political, progressive approach, targeting brands to be more transparent, or just simply looking for your new go-to brands and how to style ethically, these 10 gals have got you covered.

Molly at Still Being Molly

Molly loves to show off new finds on her Instagram and recap them on the blog. She’s also the host of Business with Purpose, a podcast showcasing the stories of new ethical brands and the leaders behind them (including the lovely Saloni, founder of AGAATI!).

Jessica at English Lass in LA

Jessica is all about showing you the latest and greatest in ethical products for living a holistic and ethical lifestyle, from fashion to toiletries. Her blog posts and Instagram shots are mostly based in Los Angeles, making her site the ultimate resource for west-coasters looking for new, conscious finds in the sunny state.

Alden at Ecocult

Alden is a bold and eccentric blogger, mixing a bit of politics, coming at you from NYC and beyond. Alden is a leader in the industry, and co-founder of Ethical Writers & Creatives. She has been a huge supporter of AGAATI and is one of our favourite bloggers for getting right to the point with what needs to be changed for our industry to move forward.

Natalie at Sustainably Chic

Natalie is your go-to girl if you are new to the ethical fashion world. On Sustainably Chic, you’ll find a breakdown of terms, discount codes for various ethical brands, and list posts for just about everything you need for your home and closet.

Kaméa at Conscious Fashion Collective

Conscious Fashion Collective is a lookbook of ethical brands and products. Kaméa breaks down product and price as well as spotlights bloggers and creatives to give you a well-rounded education on ethical fashion.

Holly at Leotie Lovely

Holly is an active traveler, so you are bound to find ethical products and cool spots to check out from around the world on Leotie Lovely. Plus you can shop her conscious closet right on the site!

Leah at Style Wise

Style Wise focuses on resources, essays and personal styling. Dig into social justice topics and conscious living with Leah and take away more than just where to shop, learn how to consume smarter. Check out one of our favourite pieces by her on simple ways to jumpstart your sustainable lifestyle.

Jill at Sutton and Grove

Sutton and Grove is the perfect resource for ethical couples looking for his and hers styles. Jill, along with her partner Luke, provide resources for conscious living and consumption, responsible travel and more.

Francesca at Ethical Unicorn

Francesca is an ethical fashion blogger in the UK with blog posts focused on the zero waste lifestyle, fashion and eco-friendly products. We’re loving her latest post about being zero waste on the go.

Aditi at ADIMAY

Aditi is a fine art and fashion photographer with a passion for ethical fashion, sustainability and politics. Expect artistic expression from each of her published blog posts, along with great new ethical fashion finds and style.


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