Macrame Wall Hanging for Home Decor

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This wall hanging home decor artwork is perfect for your bedroom, nursery, entryway, living room, or dining room. It is associated with the concepts of ' all natural and organic', which is comforting and nurturing whereby, the Earthy Brown color depicts the growth and fertility and represents stability, reliability and approachability.

The wall hanging piece of art is name The Matrix of Peace by the artisan and is mounted on wooded dowel and perfect wall accent for Minimalist, Scandinavian, Retro, Bohemian, Natural, Urban Jungle interiors.

Custom Order

It can be made in any color from the color chart. You can message us for a bespoke service. The artisan will take approximately 12 days to complete it.  


Natural with ‘brown honey’ color as accent color.


- Dowel length: 30 inches
- Wall hanging width: 27 inches
- Wall hanging height: 32 inches (without suspension cord)

 *These are the measurements without the hanging-string.

Materials and Care
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