Handcrafted Pineapple Fibre Bag

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Melina Marelja is the talented designer and maker of this award winning Pineapple fibre bag. She graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Croatia, with a degree of Baccalaureus, Design of clothes. Melina strives to be a responsible luxury fashion brand by choosing to use materials with a story; smarter, more durable, natural, renewable, cruelty-free and vegetarian.

Kon2re is her brand and this beautifully hand crafted design is the attitude backpack conceived as a concept/product unburdened by seasons but inspired by the time in which it was created. Attitude began with the idea that what we carry on the inside is what we carry on the outside. As with all Kon2re models, the emphasis is on the multi-functionality - one bag can transform into several different models just by changing the way one wears it. You can adjust the product any way that suits you, depending on your daily needs.
Dimensions - (50x33cm)
Functions: it can be worn like a shoulder bag, backpack, handbag with two small handles or a clutch, it has two adjustable straps and 2 inner pockets
Lining: is made from a mix of silk, cotton and viscose with the same technique as the outer shell
Material (outer shell): an innovative natural textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, Pinatex.
Materials and Care
We genuinely believe in better quality products and less of them. We believe the day of fast fashion is over - for state of mind and the planet. We don’t want a new outfit every month. We want hands down great products that we don’t have to think about. LNDR products are made with cutting-edge technology and a fanatical attitude towards quality and fit. It can take factories up to 20 times longer to knit LNDR seamless leggings, for instance, compared to other brands.