Cobalt Straight-Side Porcelain Bowl

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The lovely Cobalt bowl with an intense, matte blue glaze, while hard to capture in a photograph, has flecks of sparkle and a velvety finish. Created by San Francisco based ceramist Lisa Fleming. The striking Cobalt color prompted someone at a craft show last year to tell her that Cobalt comes from outer space! Amusing, but is that true? Confirmed by a geologist that visited her booth later that same day. Cobalt does not occur naturally on earth but comes in the form of meteorites. I hope that is true as this glaze does feel magical and other worldly.

As all of Lisa’s work, this is made of Porcelain, thrown on the pottery wheel and fired to 2267 degrees. Each piece is one of a kind and every glaze is made from dry materials in Lisa's studio. The clay forms she creates are simple yet sophisticated, elegant, spare, almost austere. Lisa Fleming's  work is design driven, meant to be enjoyed by the eye and the heart(the matte glazes can stain but are safe).

Materials & Care
Porcelain Clay, Glaze
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3.75"wide x 2.25"high